Sacred Flow

In Sacred Flow, Artie Sposaro describes an inspired way of living that integrates flow, a sought after peak-experience, with the Christian faith in order to foster a faith that flows. Like athletes fluidly performing with extraordinary grace, God designed us to gracefully flow in His Spirit.

Sacred Flow invites us to discover a fully engaged faith that is empowered by God’s Spirit. Life in the sacred flow leads us to dive deeply and swim freely in God’s love. It compels us to draw upon God’s effort, making our effort… less. The result is a rhythmic lifestyle that is moved by the divine current – God.

Living in the sacred flow you will:
❖ enjoy deeper intimacy with God
❖ break free from a performance-based lifestyle
❖ manage everyday life with greater ease
❖ thrive in the midst of difficult circumstances

“For those who desire a faith with more than a garnish of spirituality, Sacred Flow is a godsend. This book will open your soul to the gush of the Spirit. You’ll be amazed how fast and how far you’ll be swept into unimagined currents of discovery and delight.” -Leonard Sweet, best-selling author & professor at Drew Theological School & George Fox University

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The Multi-Colored Promise

Children learn in different ways. Many children are visual learners. They read and listen to stories from the Bible week after week. How many times are they able to see these stories from the Bible?

This book will help children with the visual perspective of the familiar story of Noah and the flood. While reading this book, they will be able to visually see each scene from God’s unhappiness with the people during Noah’s time to God’s instructions to Noah as well as the events following the flood after the ground dried up.

The images with the words will help children understand more about what happened during the time of Noah and the great flood.

About the Authors:
Story and words written by Brenna Phillips
Brenna earned her Master of Arts Degree from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. She has been involved in Children’s-Family Ministry for many years, teaches early childhood students at an Early Childhood Learning Center, and regularly writes at She resides in Smyrna, Delaware, with her wonderful husband, David. Read more about her at

Illustrations painted by Kristie Chamlee
Kristie resides in Lawrenceville, Georgia, with her husband and three children. She earned her Master of Arts Degree in art education. See more of her artwork at

What others are saying:

Too often, Christians have turned Noah’s Ark into a fairytale. You might get the idea that Noah was starting a floating petting zoo and his only problem was keeping out the rain. I love Bible story books that put the focus back on God and how he told the story. That’s what I appreciate about this little volume. The illustrations and text prompt the imagination without washing out the real facts of Noah’s Ark. It points us back to a God who will judge sin, but provides an escape for all who turn back to Him.

Tony Kummer, Editor of – one of the Top 5 Children’s Ministry Blogs – and one of the “20 to Watch” young Children’s Ministers according to Children’s Ministry Magazine

A tender retelling of the Noah story with sensory alertness, keen intelligence, and welcoming passion —
Leonard Sweet, Drew University, George Fox University,

To Love and To Cherish From This Day Forward

In the pages of To Love and To Cherish From This Day Forward, Millwood sets out to paint a different picture, a new picture of the Church: a portrait of a Church which is not a building, a business, an institution, a school, or an organization. Rather, a Church who is a person – a Bride – a Bride who adores Her Groom.

The goal of the book is to call Church members and leaders to get off the Church-As-Merry-Go-Round…take a deep breath…and to make the hard decision to look into the mirror and compare our churches to this portrait of a healthy Bride.

About Randy Millwood:
Randy consideres himself a freelance Christian worker. Randy works with the churches of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware where he coaches pastoral leaders, particularly the soul care of pastors and pastoral staff; consult with small, home/market-based groups; and champions relational spiritual formation. He am also a Department Team Leader and faculty member for a completely online, purpose-driven seminary called Rockbridge Seminary. Previously, Randy served as Professor of Christian Education at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary.

Praise for To Love and To Cherish From This Day Forward:
Leaders need to make sure they are working on the right questions. Answering the wrong questions precisely right still won’t matter! Randy Millwood gives church leaders a better set of questions to work on than the ones consuming so many. Don’t read this book if you want to figure out how to do church better; by all means read it if you want to BE church better.
Reggie McNeal
Author of Missional Renaissance: Changing The Scorecard for the Church
Missional Leadership Specialist Leadership Network

Possibly never before in the history of the Church is such a book needed to encourage followers of Jesus to love the Bride of Christ, like He loves her. It is easy to become disillusioned and disenchanted with the institutional church. Randy Millwood skillfully and poetically examines the characteristics of a healthy Bride and inspires Christian leaders to equip the Church to live out her passion for Christ in a skeptical world. This book offers real hope for those desiring to follow the “Way” of Jesus and experience real community.
Daryl Eldridge
Rockbridge Seminary

I know Randy Millwood. He is the real deal. He lives what he writes. In To Love and to Cherish from This Day Forward, Randy calls on the church to be the real deal, to understand clearly what the writers of the New Testament wrote and practiced, and to live and make disciples accordingly. This is a must read for those who are serious about growing a healthy, disciple-making church.
David Lee
Executive Director
Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware

Randy Millwood offers a powerful, personal contribution to missional writings as he provides sound theological insights cradled in stories of God’s transforming work in people, churches and the world. A tool for those in pulpits, pews and leadership in the world as the church at work in the world! Thanks Randy!
Edward Hammett
Author of Spiritual Leadership in a Secular Age
Partner with The Columbia Partnership

Here comes the Bride! In To Love and To Cherish from This Day Forward, Randy Millwood has provided an enjoyable and winsome look at the Bride of Christ, the church. Using the analogy of 1st century Jewish marriage practices to inform the modern reader, he offers a helpful critique to those of us within the Body of Christ, calling her to be about healthy disciple-making by focusing on the process rather than the results. Millwood reminds Christ-followers to live out the wonder of their relationship with the Bridegroom before the eyes of the world.
David Jackson
Church Multiplication Strategist, BCMD
Author of PlantLIFE: Principles and Practices of Church Planting

Casual, fresh, and insightful, a great combination for a book on such vital subject areas as church health and making more disciples. Randy has a unique way of communicating significant insights intertwined with everyday stories. There are truths about our life in Christ and His church that you don’t want to miss. If you are wondering what it means to be a church in the midst of all the spiritual confusion, read this book. It might just give you some new perspectives and pieces of the mosaic puzzle you have been missing.
Will McRaney
Director of Evangelism Strategy
Florida Baptist Convention
Author of The Art of Personal Evangelism

Among the mentors who have most shaped my understanding of “church” and “mission” and “discipling” and “equipping,” Randy is at the top of the list. This is his heart and wisdom shared for our benefit and ultimately for the benefit of those to whom we will live sent in our daily lives. A very important book for the church of America to read and to apply.
Jason Dukes
Pastor, Westpoint Church
Author of Live Sent: you are a letter

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Reflecting His Glory

Do you long for a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ? Are you tired of constantly trying to measure up to the world’s definition of success? If so, allow God’s Word to transform the way you live as you embrace the call to reflect His glory. Reflecting His Glory: From Conformity to Transformation explores Romans 12:2. This study provides a step-by-step approach for you if you long to:

  • recognize conformity in your life
  • understand the call to spiritual transformation
  • establish a daily process for renewal
  • view God’s will from His holy perspective, not your own.

Join Andrea Lennon as she leads you to discover life-changing truths that teach you how to think like Jesus, act like Jesus, and ultimately reflect the glory of Jesus Christ. Come away from this study changed, living for God’s glory not your own.

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