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Kept: The Message of Jude

September 18th, 2007 → 6:16 pm @ David Phillips

Kept: The Message of JudeKept: The Message of Jude.

The book of Jude is a pearl waiting to be discovered. It is a small, yet potent book that covers two main topics: faithfulness to the Gospel of Christ and keeping ourselves from embracing a distorted message.

Kept: The Message of Jude is a devotional commentary. Designed for those who would like to teach or preach through the book of Jude, the author provides solid biblical exegesis and practical application to reveal many of the gems Jude has to offer.

It should be available to purchase in about two weeks. Missional Press will have introductory pricing which will include a discount. The book retails for $9.99, but Missional Press be providing a 25% discount by using the coupon code KEPT0208.

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