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    In JOURNEYS: Transitioning Churches to Relevance, Pastors Todd Wright and Marty Duren share candidly about the road they each traveled as they labored to bring their churches to a place of significance and cultural relevance. Wright and Duren speak candidly about their struggles and their own pharisaical attitudes that for years kept them from experiencing lives lived on mission with Jesus Christ. It is on sale for $10.00 just in time for Pastor Appreciation Month.

Introducing MORFX Press

Missional Press is pleased to announce that it is expanding its publishing to general Christian books. The imprint will be called MORFX Press. The name comes from a merger of two words: Morph, meaning change, and FX, a well-known symbol for effects as in special effects.

Our first publication is entitled “Free to Be You” by Dr. Fred Antonelli.

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