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Free To Be You

MORFX Press, a division of Missional Press, is pleased to announce the publication of “Free to Be You” by Dr. Fred Antonelli, Ph.D.

To celebrate the publishing of Free to Be You, Missional Press is offering the book at the discounted price of $12.99.  To order, click here.

Dr. Antonelli is founder and director of Life Counseling Center with offices on the Eastern Shore of Maryland and Delaware. He is a former Senior Pastor of 23 years as well as a licensed pychotherapist specializing in crisis marriage and pastoral counseling. Fred lives with his wife of thirty six years, Debbie, in Easton, Maryland.

The Forward by Dr. David Stoop

“Who am I?” has always been a difficult question for us to answer.  With all of the peer pressures and cultural expectations of our day and age, perhaps this has become the hardest question to answer.  In our attempts to answer the question, we often pick some role we play that is important to us and use it to define our answer.  Most men will say that “I am what I do”-especially my work.  Most women will say the same kind of thing, such as “I am Zachary’s mom.”  But pressed beyond what we do, and we often don’t have an answer.  Someone has said that we are not “human-doers” but we are “human-beings.”  But if the questioner says, “I want to go beyond what you do, to who you are,” we are at a loss for words.

Dr. Antonelli has tackled this question of “who am I” and helps take us step-by-step on a journey of self-definition-what kind of “being” are we?  Weaving together his pastoral experience with his clinical experience, he has creatively provided tools we can use in practical ways to break away from what he calls the “messages and signals” of our family-of-origin, and from the cultural pressures that have often trapped us into an understanding of ourselves that isn’t really who we are.

Beginning with the ability to dream again-to envision what stirs deep within us, Fred goes on to combine your dream with God’s dream for your life. Then he lays out practical ways you can nourish yourself so that you can persevere on the path God wants to lead you on so as to enjoy your life. In these pages you will find ways to redefine yourself that are biblically based, rather than culturally based.  And when you dig in to this book, you will find out how to answer that “who am I” question.  Enjoy the journey!

David Stoop, Ph.D.
Author and Psychologist

We all enter adulthood with many internalized messages that can hamper us from fulfilling God’s plan for our lives.  Free to Be You provides practical as well as biblical insight that can help you overcome hampering “Messages & Signals” that have been implanted from childhood.  I am sure the reader will find this a very helpful resource.

Dr. Archibald Hart
Author, Clinical Psychologist & Former Dean
Fuller Graduate School of Theology

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