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    Jesus founded a missionary movement that now spans the globe. His followers are called to continue his mission in the power of the Holy Spirit. From biblical, historical, and contemporary case studies, we can identify five recurring characteristics of dynamic missionary movements. 1. White hot faith 2. Commitment to a cause 3. Contagious relationships 4. Rapid mobilization 5. Adaptive methods Jesus calls us to participate in a missionary movement that will one day reach every tribe, every language, every people, and every nation.
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Prisoners of Our Own Success

Prisoners of Our Own Success by Jason BarrMissional Press would like to announce the upcoming release of our newest book, under the MORFX Press imprint, entitled “Prisoners of Our Own Success”.  The book is written by Jason Barr.

Jason Barr was born and raised in the small town of Medina, Tennessee.  He graduated from Tennessee Technological University in Cookeville, Tennessee with a degree in mechanical engineering.  After graduating from college, Jason moved to Ohio, Indiana, Florida, New York, and Nebraska seeking success with numerous corporate transfers and promotions.

A discontentment with the corporate lifestyle, a series of nationally publicized corporate scandals, the birth of his first daughter, and the death of a family member led Jason to leave his corporate career.  No longer chasing success, Jason lives in a suburb of northeast Atlanta with his wife, Sara, and two daughters, Olivia and Amelia, where he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, hiking, and is active in his local church, New Bethany Baptist Church.

In pursuit of his mission, Jason wrote this book, created a blog (http://significantblog.wordpress.com), travels to Eastern Europe to teach English, and is available for speaking engagements.  Jason freely admits that he is still a work in progress, and is confident that if he can give up the quest for false success, so can you.

From the Back Cover:

The world is filled with people who are at wit’s end with their careers. Whether it is a lack of fulfillment, long hours, time away from our families, office politics, or the burning desire that we were meant for something else, most of us have felt the urge to leave our job and pursue a career that we feel will offer us fulfillment. Just when we think we have reached the breaking point, our thoughts turn to the income, status, and security that our jobs offer. Unable to walk away from the level of success we have attained, we continue toiling away at a career we sometimes despise. Prisoners Of Our Own Success investigates how we perceive success and offers a roadmap on how to find significance in our careers as we redefine success on our own terms. This is a must read for anyone who has achieved success, but has been left wanting.

The book will be released before Thanksgiving and available online.

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