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June 17th, 2009 → 11:15 am @ publisher

Missional Press is working to be the leading publisher of missional thought, theology and practice. Therefore, we are a niche publisher focusing on the following topics:

Mission Work
1. Glocal missiology
2. Church planting
3. Missionary biographies along with extrapolations of theology and practice of missionaries.
4. Trans-cultural Communication
5. Gospel Storying – reframing the narratives in the scripture in a cross-cultural or trans-cultural process

Missional Theology
1. Trinitarian Theology – Missional theology, we feel, is an expression of trinitarian theology
2. Ecclesiology from a missional framework
3. Formation of additional missional theological concepts
4. Missional from a historical framework
5. Post-Christendom and Post-Christian thought
6. Post-Modern theology

Practical Theology
1. Evangelism from a missional perspective
2. Church Transitions to a missional framework
3. Spiritual Formation in a missional framework
4. Pastoral ministry from a missional framework
5. Third space theology and practice
6. Multi-Generational ministry with a missional focus
7. Process-oriented, practical books that build on missional topics

Missional Press has also formed a second imprint that focuses more on general Christian topics. That imprint is Morfx Press, which is a merging of Morphe, implying change, and fx, for effects.

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