Friday, January 21, 2011
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Sacred Flow

In Sacred Flow, Artie Sposaro describes an inspired way of living that integrates flow, a sought after peak-experience, with the Christian faith in order to foster a faith that flows. Like athletes fluidly performing with extraordinary grace, God designed us to gracefully flow in His Spirit.

Sacred Flow invites us to discover a fully engaged faith that is empowered by God’s Spirit. Life in the sacred flow leads us to dive deeply and swim freely in God’s love. It compels us to draw upon God’s effort, making our effort… less. The result is a rhythmic lifestyle that is moved by the divine current – God.

Living in the sacred flow you will:
❖ enjoy deeper intimacy with God
❖ break free from a performance-based lifestyle
❖ manage everyday life with greater ease
❖ thrive in the midst of difficult circumstances

“For those who desire a faith with more than a garnish of spirituality, Sacred Flow is a godsend. This book will open your soul to the gush of the Spirit. You’ll be amazed how fast and how far you’ll be swept into unimagined currents of discovery and delight.” -Leonard Sweet, best-selling author & professor at Drew Theological School & George Fox University

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